SparklyWax is a salon-quality hair-removal wax. Achieve flawlessly smooth skin at home.

Our unique formula is esthetician tested and recommended. In addition to a complete product line, we provide easy-to-follow free training to help you maintain your luxuriously smooth and silky skin.

Life doesn’t wait. You need to be ready to say yes to any adventure.

But what if you’re not ready? What if you’re not prepared for a spontaneous beach day with friends?

Or a sudden invitation to the pool? Or a last-minute date? Without spontaneity, life lacks color. Days blend together and become flat.

When you can be spontaneous…

You’re ready for every new adventure – with confidence, beauty, and the silky-smooth skin you deserve.

Unwanted hair no longer holds you back. Keeping your skin smooth and beautiful is easy, fast, and affordable.No more painful epilators, expensive salon visits, or constant shaving.

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SparklyWax offers a complete line of salon-quality waxing products.

Our wax is specially formulated and esthetician approved. Keep your entire body beautifully smooth and hair-free.

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Our mission is to make the world a more spontaneous place.

When you feel confident, beautiful, and proud, you’re ready to take on any adventure.

Last-minute beach party? Spontaneous date? Friends headed to the pool? We’re here to ensure spontaneity is a part of your life.

Professional hair-removal made easy

Discover how to obtain salon-quality waxing results at home.

Get free access to our simple,5-step video training – and learn to wax at home with professional results.