Our Top 6 Personal Favorite Morning Rituals and Routine

What's the solution? How does having a story-driven "narrative" make websites perform better?

The first moments of your morning set the tone for how you feel all the day, and it can make a huge difference in how you handle challenges that may come up. Here are our top 6 recommendations.

People don’t argue with stories. Particularly stories they feature in, that are true, and engaging. It’s interesting, then, that most website content writing throws out this premise in favor of–as I like to say–«basking in the majesty of self».

So what’;s the solution? How does having a story-driven “narrative” make websites perform better?


Your first exercise routine should be a smile. A smile is free. It is the best cosmetic surgery, and it will help to relax you. Try smiling right now, and see if you do not feel an instant peace in your heart.

2. Show Gratitude

After you smile, then you should show gratitude to the world around you for the ability to experience a new day. Through meditation, you will hear your inner voice more distinctly. You will have the opportunity to search your soul, and discover your most profound desires. Sometimes, if you listen keenly, you will begin to understand exactly what your path should be.

3. Drink More Water

Drink some water at least a liter to hydrate your body. Water helps with circulation, improves your skin tone, assists with weight loss, and the purification of your body. Water is the best drink to have. It is imperative that you always consult your physician about things that will affect how your body functions, before attempting to do them.

4. Positive Affirmation

You need positive affirmation. Motivational audios or books are a great source of motivation. After you meditate, then, you can listen or read from something from your favorite motivator. Positive affirmation is a must among your daily routine, and you have to learn to be your greatest source of inspiration. This will help to block all the negative voices, which will tell you that you do not have the ability to achieve. Feeding your mind with positive food sets the tone for you to improve your knowledge. Take some time in the morning to read. Most of the knowledge you will acquire in life will come from your experiences and what you teach yourself.

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